“Dear Kim,
Big job—nice job too. Thank you for assisting me...Hope we see each other again socially.”
— Margaret McDermott, from letter dated July 21, 2016

Happy Clients


"The work you did on the art collection is simply outstanding. I marvel at the thoroughness and the detail incorporated in the study...I am so appreciative of all you did for me and the sensitivity you showed to all the art work. Thank you so much and God Bless You." 

— PHil H., Dallas Art Collectior

"Kim, it would be an honor to be included in the list of your appraisal clients. I would hope to be contacted to share my appreciation of your knowledge and professionalism. Thanks again for your guidance on the Nicola.

— carolyn E., Dallas art collector

 "I am by no means an expert in your world of art appraising, but I did carefully review your appraisal and  was extremely impressed by your methodology and thoroughness, particularly given that this was a collection over  1,400  works of art.  On behalf of Caryn and Denise, please accept our heartfelt appreciation and thanks for your extraordinarily fine efforts!  With warmest regards, …"

- Attorney at Law, Griffith & Thornburg, LLP, San Diego

"Thank you Kim... This is exactly the information I needed for my move.  Thank you so much for your quick turn around."

— Mary B., Dallas art collector


Thank you so much, Kim.   These paintings are much loved and now we have a sense of their value.   We appreciate your expertise!

— Janet l., Texas art collector

Thank you very much for your wonderful advice.  I am working with the dealer Jim Bennett, and he will be helping us out with my husband's plan to donate his collection of Native American items.  He was most helpful and seems very knowledgeable.  Once more, thank you for your kind help in this matter.  We appreciate it.

— vickie b., texas art collector