Pricing + Services


Appraisal services start at $100.


Verbal evaluations

$100 minimum; $150/hour —Verbal evaluations are offered for a minimum of $100, and offer clients the ability to find out what they have before the larger expenditure of a full written appraisal.  Advance notice is given to a client if the artwork in question is valued at less than $100, so no monies are wasted in the process. Verbal evaluations can be conducted over the phone or in person. No information is given in writing.

Written appraisals

$150/hour — Written appraisals are offered for a variety of  purposes: non-cash charitable donations, insurance coverage, damage claims, estate tax, gift tax, resale, division of property among heirs, etc. The pricing on written appraisals depends upon the number of artworks and the artworks themselves. Estimates of the cost are given in advance when photographs of the artworks and information  on size and provenance is provided to the appraiser.

Written consultations

$150/hour —  Written consultations are offered as a less detailed and less expensive alternative to a full written appraisal.  NOTE: Consultations are NOT appraisals. Consultations are offered not as a substitute for full appraisals, but as an option when a written document is wanted, and a range of value for each object is acceptable to the client. Consultations are based upon 25+ years of art industry experience, and are similar to what an auction house might provide as a pre-sale estimate, although the market for your artworks could reside in a number of different venues and geographic locations.

Art Brokerage assistance

$150/hour— If you are looking to sell an object and would like assistance not just with determining value, but also with navigating the auction process from start to finish, assistance can be offered either directly or indirectly. If done directly, the entire auction process, from shipping/insurance, client contract, and all communications can be taken care of for you.

art inventory services  

$150/hour — Art inventory services can provide you with clear and concise information about your collection:  from detailed photographs of each work, to location, size, condition, provenance, notations on the medium, artist, time period, and value. An inventory can be prepared using  your choice of software, from Excel to specialized art collector software programs.


art commissions & reproductions

The other side of my business is creating unique artworks for clients for a variety of reasons:

--Children's rooms, reproductions of famous artworks, pet portraits,  and commissioned works on canvas in both abstract and realistic styles. Artworks are based upon the needs and wants of the client to fit their living space.

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